Adding an Exit button to Android Application

So what is the right way of closing the application!

Usually it is "USER! press back ! press back! keep pressing back! we are close!! okay finally bye"

Here is a small idea i had on adding an Exit button to application.

In my personal opinion, even android users will find a Close button nice and friendly.

public class ExitNotifier {
     public ExitNotifier getInstance() {
       instance = new ExitNotifier();
      return instance;
     public boolean isExitting() {
      return exit;
     public void doExit(boolean exit) {
      this.exit = exit;
     private static ExitNotifier instance;
     boolean exit;
     private ExitNotifier() {
      exit = false;

Whenever the exit button is pressed, do the following


In all activities, in your onActivityResult function add the following line:


The only requirement for this is to always use startActivityForResult when starting new Activities.
If you want to eliminate this requirement, just add the code you added to the onActivityResult to your onResume of all your activities.

Enjoy! I like it!!


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