ListView with ability to hide rows

I do not know why! but someone on stackoverflow was asking about setting the height of a row of a ListView to zero.

Setting the height to zero will not work indeed! Many suggest to use View.Gone for the visibility of the row. However this is a ListView and therefore, setting a Visibility of Gone to one of the views will actually keep its space occupied while making its content vanish.

Anyway, here is an implementation of ArrayAdapter that has two public functions hide(int) and unHide(int) allowing the user to hide/unhide the row at the position.

Adding an Exit button to Android Application

So what is the right way of closing the application!

Usually it is "USER! press back ! press back! keep pressing back! we are close!! okay finally bye"

Here is a small idea i had on adding an Exit button to application.

In my personal opinion, even android users will find a Close button nice and friendly.

Passing primitive Data types between activities

After some time working on android projects, I discovered that it is actually very important to pass data between activities in most projects. It is rather simple when it comes to passing primitive datatypes.