Android Custom View: PlayStation Knob - Part 1: Getting Started

This is part 1 of the series "Android Custom View: PlayStation Knob", in which I will be creating an Android Custom View that acts just like the PlayStation Analogue Knob:

In this part, you will be able to:

  1. Create the Custom View
  2. Create Custom Attributes
  3. Use your View in an Activity
  4. Capture Touch Events to move the knob

Share on User's Wall using Facebook SDK

Apps are really getting into the "sharing" thingy. I am unsure why many developers hate to use the ACTION_SEND. Instead, they like to go into the hassle of integrating facebook into their app using the always-changing sdk facebook's offering.

I know many of you want to set the "picture" / "name" and other parameters of the facebook share, and, therefore, the normal ACTION_SEND is not adequate. If it were to me, I would force you all to use the ACTION_SEND.
Since it is not:

How to make ListView super fast

This might be the most asked question. How a listview can be made faster/smoother is really all about optimizations of the code.

Harlem Shake Launcher Released

Just like the title says, your app icons can now do the harlem shake!

Available on Google Play :D "Harlem Shake Launcher"

How to get width/height of a View

As the idea of the Android evolved, Android has received wide attention and deployed on a very wide range of devices. Android UI had to move and make developers' life easier: AbsoluteLayout got deprecated. It is very logical because your app will be installed on very small devices and very large devices and all the devices in between.

Now, it is all WRAP_CONTENT, FILL_PARENT/MATCH_PARENT. Yet, a developer sometimes needs to know the dimensions of his view to do some extra tweaks to perfect his ui.

So, what is the best way to do so?

Android: the sword of Damocles hanging over "Facebook's Graph Search"

The past years have definitely pushed Microsoft away, got Facebook on the big screens, and furthermore emphasized Google's dominance. Now it is more of Is it Facebook or Google?