SoftKeyboard problem with Tabhost on bottom of screen

Many people (including myself) have encountered the problem of having an activity with a Tabhost aligned at the bottom of screen instead of its top.

What happens when you have an EditText or any other input method!
A soft keyboard will appear and push your TabHost above itself.

What's the solution for this? Turns out to be simple!

The cause of this problem is the android:windowSoftInputMethod property of your activity's tag in the manifest file.

To solve it use android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustPan|adjustResize".
Now your tabs will not float above the keyboard when an input starts.

This is really simple and does not need any further explanation. Whenever you decide to use a Tabbed Activity and you place your tabs on the bottom of the screen, use this code to disable the floating behavior.
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  1. Thanks, you really helped me out a lot with this.

  2. This is bot always working.. and least not for me!

  3. It is!
    If using an ActivityGroup put android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustPan|adjustResize" in your main activity.

  4. Thank you, really helped me out a lot with this.

  5. This solution is not working, will you please give me some another solution.

  6. does this work on a full screen app?

  7. Thank you this solution really helps, and thanks too for the Anonymous comment who said put this in main activity.

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