Animation Factory

mmm so this is a class I did some time ago
It is still very basic but documented.. There is a sample project with the source and an example Activity.
Try them as I said it is still basic but I will add more and more features because lately I am getting a bit bored.

I will soon release my first android app. so :P I hope it will have good feedback

Anyway for now this AnimationFactory class has some static functions that return an animation
each function is well documented so you can simply use them. The sample activity will help as well.
Basically, for now, the animations encompasses: TranslateAnimation and AlphaAnimation.

So see you later with more animations..
By the way, if you have any special requests especially for widgets, feel free to like the facebook page and post your request there..

Bye (:

Click here for Sample Project + Source Code (download)

Click here for Sample Project + Source Code (github)


  1. I want to use this code, is it a free? or open source?

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